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for all of your Leasing Needs!

When you work with Heartland Capital Group, LLC, you'll find equipment finance experts who are easily accessible and get to know your business.  We are an independently owned finance brokerage company with a different approach. Whether you are looking to expand your company, purchase new equipment or make capital improvements, Heartland Capital offers a full array of financing products to help you grow.

Finance Lease (Capital Lease)

A Finance Lease, also called a Capital Lease, is a service we offer in which financing is structured with $1.00 buyout and allows the end-user the benefits of ownership including interest and depreciation expense. 

This lease is referred to a non-tax lease, whereby the lessee can acquire use of an asset for most of its useful life. From a financial reporting perspective, the underlying equipment is shown as an asset and the accompanying lease depicted as a liability on the lessee’s balance sheet. The lessee then expenses the depreciation and interest associated with the lease on its income statement.

  • Up to 100% financing

  • Lessor does not select manufacturer or supply equipment

  • Various purchase options - commonly $1.00 or 10% of equipment cost


Operating Lease

An Operating Lease allows for a residual based structure and allows end-user the benefit of recognizing payments as a “rent” expense which flows through income statement creating certain tax benefits.

A True or Tax Lease (Operating Lease) is a transaction which qualifies as a lease under the Internal Revenue Code such that the lessor takes on the risks of ownership and the lessee is allowed to claim the entire amount of the lease rental payment as a tax deduction. Under this lease type, the lessor may claim depreciation expense.

  • 100% financing

  • Fair market value purchase option

  • Off-Balance sheet financing for lessee


Equipment Finance Agreement

  • An Equipment Finance Agreement (“EFA”) is a fixed-term obligation in which the end-user or borrower retains ownership of the equipment and the lender has a security


Tax-Exempt Municipal Financing

  • Tax-Exempt Municipal Financing is exclusive to municipalities (ie. Counties, Cities, School Districts, etc) and by virtue of product being tax-exempt lower interest rates can be offered to the municipality.

  • What is a Tax-Exempt Municipal Lease?
    A Tax-Exempt Municipal Lease is a conditional sales contract disguised in the form of a lease and is only available to municipalities. Under this lease type, the interest earnings on the lease are exempt from Federal Taxes. Municipal leases are usually structured with a $1.00 buyout option at the end; however, the lease also will be subject to annual appropriation by the municipality. Entities that qualify include but are not limited to: Cities, Counties, Park Districts, School Districts and Fire Districts. The determination as to what type of entity constitutes a “municipality” is that the entity must have the ability to levy taxes on its behalf. A non-profit entity (generally referred to as a 501(c)(3)) does not qualify for tax-exempt lease financing without having a municipality sponsor its financing.

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